1. In order to apply you must be a family member who is a college bound high school senior, a currently enrolled college or trade school student, or a graduate student currently enrolled in a graduate school program. Proof of acceptance or enrollment must be submitted along with the application. (College acceptance letters, current school identification, and/or any other type of verifying information will be accepted as evidence of acceptance or enrollment.)

2. All applicants must complete at least ten volunteer hours in their community, church, school or through any non-profit organization dedicated to the service of others. If you need assistance in locating a volunteer opportunity in your area, please contact a Board Member at ( A reference verifying the number of hours completed must also be submitted.

3. One short essay must be submitted on one of the following topics:
1) Why is it important to continue the Payton Family Reunion tradition; or 2) Why is giving back to our community important to the Payton Family heritage. The essay must be no longer than one page, typed in size 12 point, Times New Roman with double spacing and one inch margins. If you have any questions regarding the above stated requirements, please contact Willie Odom at (