Payton Family Reunion Hardship Fund Guidelines
Section 1.   The purpose of this document is to establish guidelines for the use of the Hardship Fund. The intent of this fund is to help assist Family member with financial support in any Natural Disasters/Events, such as Hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, drought, extreme cold and heat, landslides and debris flow, tsunamis and volcanoes.  The Hardship Fund may be used to send flowers and/or cards to family members that may become hospitalized.  Other requests will be case by case. 
Section 1.   Applicant must be a Payton Family member.    

Section 2.   Applicant must have participated (registered) in any Payton Family Reunion. 

Section 3.  It is suggested, but not required to participate in Regional Fundraisers. 

Section 4.  It is suggested, but not required that all Family Members donate to the Payton Family Reunion Hardship Fund. 

Section 5.  Family members can request assistance by submitting a written request to the Executive Committee. 


Section 1.     The Executive Committee will oversee the implementation of the fund.
  •   The Executive Committee will ensure the goals of the program are met.
  •   Review the program and policies periodicall with the committees. 
  •   Develope and/or approve protocols 
  •   Review all incidents involving requests for funds

Section 1.  
These guidelines may be amended by a simple majority vote of members present at a scheduled family reunion meeting provided the proposed amendments have been submitted to the Chairperson and the Regional or City Director of their area, in writing before the upcoming Family meeting.